Loch Ness


Twenty Obscure Facts about Loch Ness

  1. A Dr. Paxton research fellow at St Andrews University analysed all reported sightings for consistency or patterns that could be explained by natural phenomenon regarding g The Loch Ness Monster-moving the whole subject to an academic level
  2. Over 40 rivers / streams / burns flow into Loch Ness and visibility is only about 4 inches due to the heavy concentration of peat in the ground they flow through
  3. Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath and TV fame had his photo taken at Urquhart Castle on a visit to Loch Ness, a pilgrimage to the area of Aleister Crowley's residence above Loch Ness-Foyers village-Boleskine House
  4. Scottish blues musician Alex Harvey of SAHB-Senstaional Alex Harvey Band released an album dedicated to The Loch Ness Monster
  5. Comic Relief with Fearne Cotton floated out a Loch Ness Monster built by BBC Props dept onto Loch Ness and it now belongs to LNJ Also for Comic Relief in 1997-twenty years ago Nessie in the pond at the exhibition was photographed with a RED  NOSE on
  6. Years ago when the Inverness County Police held an amnesty on weapons-guns/rifles and shotguns. They were all collected and put in sacks and rowed out to the middle of Loch Ness and thrown overboard to a depth of 750 feet,where nobody would ever get them back
  7. Up until 1933 you could travel from Ft William by train to Fort Augustus at the southern end of Loch Ness,this line closed in 1946.If The landowners around the loch agreed you could have had one of The Great Train Journeys of the World
  8. The original Loch Ness Coastguard service now -RNLI was the only inward waterway coastguard service in the UK
  9. Richard Noble-speedster and world record holder and the brains behind Thrust -The Quest for speed,was inspired on a visit as a six year old boy to Loch Ness to watch John Cobb and Crusader attempt the World Water Sped record in 1952.Sadly Cobb was killed in the attempt on Sept 29th 1952-65th Anniversary this year
  10. Ewan Macgregor's uncle Dennis Lawson-actor filmed an in-house dramology for Prudential Assurance at Loch Ness and Glen Cannich
  11. Roddy Woomble and his band Idlewild filmed part of one of their pop videos in the hills above Loch Ness
  12. George Bain the renowned Celtic Artist and designer taught art at the school in Drumnadrochit Loch Ness
  13. Sir Peter Scott the naturalist and the man who gave Nessie her Latin Name Nessiterras etc was the son of Robert Falcon Scott who was killed on his trip to the Antartic in Discovery and was the inspiration for Peter Pan by JM Barrie
  14. A submarine was once used at loch Ness to take passengers to the bottom ,it could carry six people and was adopted and sponsored by the watch company SWATCH
  15. Willie Cameron-Mr. Loch Ness who is our Blog writer has been twice to the bottom of the loch and has flown it in seaplane and helicopter and driven around in a 1928 Austin car and a McLaren F1 and has been involved in nearly every documentary made in the last twenty five years
  16. Aluminium was once manufactured at the village of Foyers on the loch,also at Invermoriston flax was woven and at Fort Augustus the birth place of commercial Hydro Electric,and Drumnadrochit had four mills on the River Enrick on e weaving the famous Glen Urquhart check tweed-Black/White bold check
  17. Before the road was built in 1933 all traffic came by paddle steamer down the loch.Horse and traps picked up the people and took them to their destination like Balmacaan House in Drumnadrochit.In its heyday it boasted 14 gardeners and electricity and sewage system.
  18. There are always personalities to be seen around Loch Ness ,over the years these are a few who have been here-Annie Lennox,Billy Connolly,Robin Williams,David Hockney,Kevin Keegan,Charlie Sheen who went hunting for Nessie with a leg of lamb over the side of the boat.He did not catch anything.
  19. If an earthquake takes place in Europe sometimes the tremors are recorded at Loch Ness,because we are situated on a fault line ,where the country split in two millions of years  ago and created what we know now as The GREAT GLEN
  20. In 1969 Walt Disney made a half hour TV p[programme called MAN MYSTERIES AND MONSTERS.In 1949 Walt considered using the monster in one of his films but it never happened.However Nessie went on to become world famous anyway without the help of Disney.

Willie Cameron-Mr Loch Ness
Loch Ness Clansman Hotel
May 2019

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