Strange Happenings


On 15th June 1965 54 years ago this week two men were fishing on the south side of Loch Ness between the village of Dores and the village of Foyers.It was around 10.00pm but at that time of the year as it is just now daylight lasts very late on in the day.

One gentleman noticed something strange in the water off Urquhart Castle and thinking it was an empty tank and floating with the wind from the west he alerted his friend to say this object if it continued to drift would arrive on the shore about 500 yards further down on the southern shore of Loch Ness.

However when it got into direct vision of him he noticed that it was rotating gently in the water one minute a bulk end would be on the right side then the left side but still traveling with the wind direction.

Both men now joined each other and they decided to attract the attention of people who were parked in a mobile home in the layby above the position they were fishing at to see if they had a camera  and to let them see this strange object. Unfortunately they did not have a camera  but came and looked also,as they were watching timescale was now about 50 minutes the object turned and went against the head wind which showed this object had a power source either mechanical or animate to allow it to go against the head wind ,it then disappeared never to resurface on this occasion.

On the Northern shore there was another man watching the object along with at least five others,he also saw with a telescope or binoculars the four people on the Southern shore. He also did not have a camera to photograph the object,but to qualify what he had seen he needed to get witness reports from these four other people so he drove to Inverness then down the south side road passed Dores till he arrived at the layby with the mobile home. Unfortunately the two fishermen had left the scene but he gathered enough information to identify and eventually catch up with one of the fishermen who then directed him to the second fisherman where he eventually gathered evidence from them both what they had seen that night of June 15th 1965

They saw a large whale like object that was rotating down the loch with the wind then turned and went against the wind and disappeared.

Now this collection of evidence about nine witness reports of that incident put a new angle on the possibility of something strange in Loch Ness

One of the fishermen was a serving Police Officer and although the scientists say there is nothing animate in Loch Ness because the food supply is not large enough to sustain a creature of the size reported by the eyewitnesses,he took a legal aspect as opposed to a scientific one

his interpretation is as follows-

If there are nine witnesses to an incident who did not collude prior to the event but there evidence is collated and corroborated by a third party namely a Mr Ted Holiday in this case and this evidence is presented to a judge and jury they would find in the positive
When challenged regarding what the scientists say the policeman said I do not care what it eats it could live on fresh air for all I care because I saw it and at least another eight people saw it.

I rest my case !!!!

The reason I know this strange story of Loch Ness 54 years ago this week is that the Policeman was my late father-Ian Cameron.

Willie Cameron
12th June 2019

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